Oxygen Pür®

iStock_000004131858Small (81K) The two essential building blocks of life are oxygen and water. Without them there would be no life.

The principle ingredients of all Oxygen Pür® Skin care products are purified water and oxygen. Our oxygen infused skin serums bring life and health to the skin and the underlying dermis.

Oxygen Pür® is an advanced tissue oxygen serum that provides transcutaneous (through the skin) transfer of oxygen into the dermis.

Our patented, chemical free, gas infusion process is used to manufacture all of our products in a controlled environment.

The result is a superior oxygen delivery system available to you for home use as OXYGEN Pür® skin serums and Oxygen Pür Spa® water systems.

Oxygen Pür® Spa has a mass transfer device that transfers oxygen to the water in much the same manner that our lungs transfer oxygen to our body. The dissolved oxygen then enters the dermis bringing elevated tissue oxygen levels (350%) immediately. The heightened oxygen levels last for over forty minutes after the oxygen spa experience has ended.

Oxygen Pür® Skincare

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