Groundwater Remediation

gwater (208K)Gas inFusion is a mass transfer operation whereby sparingly soluble gases are dissolved in liquids in a completely bubbleless fashion. The efficiency of this manner of mass transfer allows the production of stable liquid streams containing enormous quantities of dissolved gas on scales ranging from cc/min to thousands of GPM at a fraction of the energy cost normally associated with gas dissolution.

Tersus Environmental represents the passive Gas inFusion technologies developed by inVentures Technologies Incorporated. inVentures is a global supplier of Gas inFusion technology for groundwater remediation, aquaculture, food and beverage, process innovation, water treatment and wellness. inVentures delivers customer value through their unique, high quality and cost effective brand of products that reduce operating costs and maximize efficiency while protecting the environment through energy conservation.

Groundwater products are based on the worldwide patented Gas inFusion technology which allows for supersaturated levels of dissolved gas into liquids. inVentures concentrates mainly on the in situ bioremediation and natural attenuation of hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons. However, since any miscible gas can be dissolved into water many other groundwater contaminants can be treated; these include nitrates, perchlorates and 1,4 Dioxane.


When suspended in 2-inch wells, either new wells or existing monitoring wells, iSOC® infuses high levels of oxygen or other gases into groundwater without bubbles, and with a very low decay rate at atmospheric pressure. Due to its low capital and operating costs, and its extreme efficiency, many US state governments are specifying iSOC® for reimbursed clean up sites. The technology has been successfully deployed in 47 US states, Canada, Europe, Japan and many Middle Eastern and Australasian countries. The iSOC® is also being used by most major consultants, oil companies, manufacturing corporations and the military.


HiSOC® is based on the robust design of iSOC® and possesses its low O&M and capital cost structure. HiSOC® is designed with specialized fittings to deliver Hydrogen gas for reductive dechlorination of chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons, denitrification of nitrate and reduction of perchlorate in groundwater. The HiSOC® fits in 2-inch wells or existing monitoring wells to infuse hydrogen gas directly into the groundwater.


gPRO® HP is a gas delivery technology capable of infusing high amounts of dissolved gas into liquids under pressure. The gPRO® HP system can be used to infuse gas (for example oxygen) into water in a tank which then can be injected into the aquifer; or infuse water that has been pumped out of an aquifer and treated ex-situ and then re-injected back into the aquifer; or retrofitted to a pump and treat system significantly shorten time to site closure. Infusion is accomplished without additives such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone or other agents with potentially harmful side effects.


gPRO® LP is a gas delivery technology capable of infusing high amounts of dissolved gas into liquids under the pressure of the head of water that it is situated. gPRO® LP can infuse water both ex situ and in situ. For ex-situ infusion, the gPRO® can be submerged into a tank of water to infuse gas; or the gPRO® LP can be placed within a well (or series of wells) to treat the contaminated zone. It is particularly effective in the infusion of hydrogen for the remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons.

SWI NAPL Recovery

inVentures has also partnered with the University of Waterloo and C3 Environmental to develop the SWI NAPL Recovery technology. SWI is saturated water injection using carbon dioxide gas. The means of getting the CO2 into the water is the gPRO HP. This technology significantly enhances the vacuum recovery of both light and dense NAPL's from the saturated zone.

Tersus Environmental

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