Gas inFusion for Aquaculture

iStock_000003398705Small (115K)The PurGRO2® iLS gas transfer system is unique in its ability to create and maintain stable "controlled atmospheres" in water. This patented system and technology deliver signifi cant added value to multiple markets.

In aquaculture, where oxygen is the source gas, PurGRO2® iLS creates and maintains an atmosphere in fresh and salt water of stable dissolved oxygen, at normal total gas pressures. Unlike more conventional forms of oxygenation, PurGRO2® is temperature independent, and actually delivers more oxygen with higher water temperatures.

As oxygen is transferred to the water flowing through the iLS, nitrogen and other noxious gases are simultaneously removed and vented from the process. This provides more "room" for dissolved oxygen without raising the total gas pressure. Fish appear to more readily absorb PurGRO2® dissolved oxygen as it passes over their gills without competing nitorgen build up. PurGRO2® iLS achieves both oxygenation and nitrogen removal in one unit.

The resulting "controlled atmosphere" has been demonstrated to result in healthier, stress-free fish, higher food conversion, less waste production, less aggressive but more prolonged feeding, increased growth, less disease with less mortalities, signifi cantly less water use, and most importantly, high added value.

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